Brain, Ego, and Mind

Do you know how connected we are physically and mentally? Where does the power that keeps us alive come from? When you leave the body, the body dies. Where does this energy go?

Most of us are involved in our daily routine of living in this world. In addition to all the scientific and technological advances we have made, we have ample evidence that our mental health is deteriorating. This is because most people do not know how the brain works. Here I will try to help you understand my mental understanding.

Clearly, there is much greater wisdom than just thinking in our workplace. When we look at our body, we think it is our brain where all our intelligence lies. It is because the brain is the part of the body that we use to think and reason. If we cannot use the brain for any reason, we will feel paralyzed. The brain protects us from our environment and helps us to take steps to escape the danger that threatens us. Without the brain, we would not be able to live or understand our world and our mind. Life can be challenging if we could not use our brains.

The brain, therefore, plays a vital role in our perception of truth. It is an organ that we use to understand our minds. It is an organ that helps us to see reality. Used improperly, it can lead to physical and mental illness. It is an organ that we use to express our abilities and personality. Without the brain, the brain cannot function fully. So what is the point? As I can see, the mind is a source of (present) energy that keeps us alive.

For simplicity, we can divide it into two parts, with less and less knowledge. But really, we have one idea. Self or ego works on the part of the mind. It is our desire to survive on this planet. It is a place and it owns it and wants to control everything. It builds (motivates) itself in knowledge and life experiences so that it becomes a well-defined and obscure belief. It wants to live forever and is bound by time.

However, our brain is unconscious and connected to the brain. It controls all our vital functions and systems in our body, such as the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, etc. It is a vague idea that makes us happy or sad, depending on how we encourage it. It does not have the power to discriminate. It cannot tell right from wrong, good from the bad. Whatever we do in life, we always try to appease our unconscious mind.

For example, when we pray to God or to something else, we try to make our minds over. We do the same thing when we play music, dance, sing, etc. Our unconscious mind is the piano that we use to play the music we want. Piano keys are the words we use to produce a specific sound. We can play a beautiful song or a sad tune, depending on how we use the words. Therefore, should we not try to understand how our unconscious mind works?

When we look at our body, wisdom fills directly, from the center (brain) to the level of each cell. Yes, there is an idea that happens even at the cellular level. Each cell in our body knows its function and how to replace it. Skin cells know their protective role in the external environment, lung cells can transfer oxygen to the air, kidney cells know how to purify our blood, digestive cells in the intestines are able to digest food, and so on. , and so on. All of this is under subconscious control.

Even our immune system, which includes treatment, is under unconscious control. The conscious mind, in which the ego works, has very little control but has an indirect influence on all of these areas. Therefore, to ignore a thoughtless mind and take it easy can be a daunting task. Still, that is what we have been doing and are doing today.

Now, what happens when we do some damage to our brain? A person may have a stroke or head injury when he falls. A person may suffer from a debilitating brain disease such as Alzheimer’s or auto neuron disease, etc. The signs and symptoms we will suffer will depend on the location of the affected brain. We may lose consciousness, lose memory, or be paralyzed, etc. When this happens, our self-esteem or independence will no longer work properly.

We will feel paralyzed. When a person dies the brain, the conscious mind, or the ego cannot function at all. Still, an unconscious mind can keep important functions at bay, and a person can continue to live. When we turn off the health support system, the body dies as the mind separates from the body. Yes, our brains are like a computer programs. If it does not work for any reason, the software (brain) will crash.

Our mental and physical health depends on our ability to use our brain not only to exercise by building ego but also to understand how our brain works. We must learn how the ego influences the unconscious mind. We need to know how our thoughts affect our thinking and how our thoughts affect our actions. Our vision of the time we have created makes us timeless. We are trapped in a web of time and are constantly moving between the past, the present, and the future. But really, there is no such thing as time.

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