Dealing With Our Global Problems With Mother Nature

As humans, we have a tendency to be humble. We are free from our habits and practices and begin to ignore the signs and symptoms that something in our lives is inconsistent and needs attention.

It could be our health, financial, social, domestic, business or career.

Either way, if not allowed, any imbalance will balance the scale on the wrong side. It eventually presents itself as a stressful life – mentally, physically, emotionally, or financially.

Take, for example, heart disease. He is the first killer for one main reason – unhealthy habits. Lack of exercise, malnutrition and chronic uncontrolled stress is above this list.

Sadly, the harm caused by bad habits does not go unnoticed. Satisfaction with unhealthy home habits in our private life can be thought of as a lifestyle disorder that becomes a global catastrophe when human-dominated governments begin to act in a similar way.

This negligence in relation to natural resources – its signs and symptoms in us when a balance is promoted, exacerbates any inequality and puts the lives of our precious world under pressure, hardship, and corruption in the end.

Great lesson: We are not separated from Mother Earth. We are His children and He has given us a wealth of natural resources from which to draw on our well-being. If there is a problem in the environment it is because we have abused his rights, crossed borders, and created inequality.

Instead of adapting to Mother Nature / Earth and using her natural resources in moderation with a heavy amount of gratitude, we use and waste her resources selfishly, often for short-term gain and end up ruining the very environment designed to survive and thrive.

It uproots its lush vegetation and removes its precious minerals from the soil, leaving it barren. We poison the air and water, burn his environment and kill him unnecessarily for his amazing display of wild animals that are unfamiliar with sports or cups.

Our sensitivity to the feeding hand has separated us from what we really are, nature.

Destructive personal habits are ultimately seen as discomfort or disease in our lives and this same goal plays a role in globalization. So, what is the answer?

We must change our war by nature.

Sudden emergencies, epidemics, outbursts of wildfires, toxic pollution of the air and water, and social degradation are the direct result of apathy, unhealthy thoughts, habits, and actions. Bonding out of our lives collectively affects our environment, our government, and our environment in a negative way.

Ignoring signals while waiting for the revival before the start of the revolution puts us and our environment at great risk because most alarms go off until the issues are critical and they reach a point where they are boiling. At this stage, things are moving quickly from small companies to big problems and suddenly we are facing a catastrophic global catastrophe that is disrupting trade, tourism, manufacturing, and damaging the health of the economy and the world at large.

In the end, war and nature are at war with us.

Global warming, environmental pollution, the extermination of endangered species of animals and plants, human explosions, food shortages, and climate change are global problems that we as individuals and the world’s mothers need to address. That can only happen when negligence is eliminated, the acceptance of responsibility and each of us contributes to restoring the natural balance and maintaining it.

And it starts at home. “The way we do small things is the way we do big things.”

Our lives, our lives, the habits we take, and how they affect our health, mentally, physically, and emotionally do not live in bottles at home but play a global role, in the end, affecting global health and stability.

The fact is, eliminating apathy by transforming our daily habits and ways of life into a healthy ones is the first step toward addressing the same issues around the world.

We need to stop being selfish, arrogant, and finger-pointing. There is only one way we can look for answers directly from us because we are the answer. If there is a finger pointing at all of this, it points directly at us. When changes are needed, they begin and end with us.

Each of us is a very important person in the big system and if we don’t take our roles successfully, we hurt everything.

In other words, “we are all in the same boat” and we must be caring, resilient, and self-sacrificing to each other, Mother Nature, and the world around us.

If we hope to find our environment, our environment, and our economy healthy, prosperous, and balanced on both personal and global levels and keep it there, we need to be transparent and make drastic changes.

We can no longer sit on the sidelines and ignore the world around us, waiting for the problem to “wake us up

It’s time to dump her and move on. We must accept responsibility for our own lives, for Mother Earth’s life, for our planet’s home, and for her life-giving resources. We must take responsibility for supporting our governments, our elected leaders, and the decisions they make.

As US President John F. Kennedy once asked – “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Let’s expand that wise request to read: “Do not ask what planet Earth can do for you, but what you can do for planet Earth.”

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