Treatment and Prevention of Use (Tuberculosis)

This deceptive and deadly disease is caused by the slow growth of vegetables from humans or animals that already have tuberculosis. The vomiting of a drinking patient is infested with such germs, and when dry and then dusty, germs may be moved to breathe or come into contact with food e.g. milk, and then enters the body. A dry handkerchief can also carry infection. But these germs, although they continue to be introduced into almost all of their lungs, do not grow at all. A healthy body can withstand it, and only in the body has less resistance, due to the low health condition, where you focus, and start working.


• Unlimited fresh air and good nutrition are the only treats if the patient can afford them. This means simply breathing in every mouth of pure air as it can be found. Sleeping outside the house, on the left and right side is fully open, and the only protection from the rain, with plenty of clothing, and, if necessary, hot water jars to bring the required heat, it is highly recommended, and every hour a day, as much as possible, should be used in the open air, sleeping or exercising.

The food to be taken should be nutritious and plentiful. Too much milk, butter, and eggs should be the basis of the diet.

The bed in which the patient is eating should not be in a corner, but outside the wall, to allow for air cleaning and ventilation. Curtains and carpets can hold dust; reduce the number of such articles as much as possible. In the event of a death due to exposure, the living room should not be reused until it has been completely disinfected. The floor and wood should be wiped with damp dusters, and then washed with soap and water.

 Once the walls are decorated, the paper should be used properly, loosened, and burned. Once the walls have been cleaned white, they should be rejuvenated by washing with lime, which contains a quarter of a pound of chlorine lemon in a gallon wash. The bed cover, pillowcase, bedding, and sheets on the patient’s bed should be soaked in boiling water and washed.

• Use is often associated with sores on the neck or other body parts, which are very difficult to heal. Wounds should be soaked in warm acetic acid daily and coated with olive oil. If it is not treated in this simple way, then it will be made more difficult.

• Rapid pulse and extreme fever, accompanied by rapid and rapid use, can often be made more difficult by cooling by placing cooling cloths over the heart. Sprinkling the whole body with vinegar or weak acetic acid will also greatly refresh the patient. It can be done under bedclothes, to avoid all chances of shivering. Cold fabrics over the heart and chest, if they cause a cold, can be accompanied by stiffness of the feet and legs.

The patient’s diet should be recorded three times a day, and if it is above normal, the patient should stay in bed until it is reduced. And when the temperature drops, a gentle exercise will be most beneficial. And again to increase the slow pace should be taken each day.

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