Vitamin C: Why We Love It? Benefits,Sources & Deficiency

Nutrient C ( ascorbic corrosive ) is exceptionally incredible cell reinforcement. We can think that it is in huge amounts in vegetables and organic products.

Nutrient C is water-solvent nutrient. Nutrient C is fundamental in numerous natural responses like oxidation of tyrosine in line of norepinephrine and hydroxylation of proline in collagen blend.

Advantages and why we love it:

Nutrient C goes about as a cell reinforcement and forestalls change of nitrites and amines to cancer-causing nitrosamines.

Do you know, presence of nutrient c in the gastrointestinal lot essentially upgrades the assimilation of iron.

Diets plentiful in nutrient C have been professed to decrease the frequency of oesophageal and gastric tumors.

Nutrient C is exceptionally useful for the sound and excellent skin. as it goes about as a cancer prevention agent it shields skin from harms because of free extremists.

You will regularly see that your dermatologist will counsel you to devour citrus organic products or recommend you nutrient C enhancements for sparkling and sound skin.

It is fundamental for solid gums.

Suggested every day admission or you can say satisfactory measure of nutrient C day by day keeps you solid and forestalls some normal contaminations.


Dietary sources incorporate citrus organic products, tomatoes and green vegetables.

Amla and Guava are the most extravagant wellsprings of nutrient c.

Lemon and Lychee are organic products which contain plummet measure of nutrient C.

Oranges are additionally best wellspring of nutrient c.

Lack of Vitamin C:

Scurvy is the old style condition ( infection) of nutrient C lack.

When there is nutrient c inadequacy it prompts fine delicacy.

There is seeping into skin ( petechiae, ecchymoses, and perifollicular hemorrhages.)

You can see unhealthy,inflamed and draining gums.

There might be inner seeping into joints, in peritoneal cavity, pericardium( serous film with two layers that covers heart), adrenal organ.

Wound mending is deferred when you are inadequate of nutrient c.

Helplessness to diseases might be seen at times.

Disabled bone development in youngsters. The trademark signs are delicacy (torment on pressure) of bones& follicular hyperkeratosis (unusual thickening of the skin).

Some average radiological changes can be seen especially around the knee joint.


Organization of nutrient C in 200 mg each day works on the side effects in a few days.

High dosages of nutrient c (1-2 gm each day) are given to abbreviate the span and manifestations of upper respiratory lot disease.

You can get nutrient C enhancement in chewable tablet structure or dispersible tablet structure.

Chewable nutrient C tablets are eaten like chocolates while dispersible nutrient c tablets are taken with water. around 100 to 200 ml of glass of water is taken and nutrient c dispersible tablet is included it. inside couple of moments tablet turns out to be totally solvent and you are prepared to devour yummy beverage.

Harmfulness and Risks:

There are a few possibilities of harmfulness or hazard when exceptionally high portions of nutrient c are devoured. Following are some poisonous impacts:-

Exceptionally high dosages (more than 2 to 3 gms each day) can cause stomach torment, looseness of the bowels, sickness.

There is a danger of iron over-burden in the patients getting iron enhancements.

Unexpected withdrawal after persistent ingestion of high portions of nutrient C can cause ‘bounce back scurvy’.


Nutrient C is fundamental for our body. Its lack causes a few infections. Recognize them as they are effectively sensible with nutrient c enhancements.

Individuals ought to burn-through balance diet to forestall its lack and ought not rely entirely upon supplements as a standard use; thinking about the harmfulness of a portion of these nutrients.

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